Bambi Baaba

Reviewer: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: UCSM
Publication date: 1986

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Bambi Baaba: Redeemer of the New Age

There are now over thirty different shabd yoga groups in the world
which have a genealogical connection with the Radhasoami Tradition
of North India.  A large number of these groups, however, try to
cover-up their lineage or gloss over it.  Joining the infamous ranks
of Paul Twitchell, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, and others is an African
Master by the name of Bambi Baaba.

Preliminary investigations indicate that Bambi Baaba, otherwise
known as Dr. J.K. Mugonza, was initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh of
Radhasoami Satsang Beas in the 1960's.  Although Bambi Baaba has
admitted that he received "Nam" from the esteemed saint at Beas, he
has not been entirely forthcoming about his discipleship.  Instead,
his official biographies try to avoid the connection because it
would seriously call into question Bambi Baaba's spiritual ministry.
This is most clearly evident in Bhuka B.M. Bijumiro-jjumiro's 
book,  Bambi Baaba Goes To India?  which goes on to explain how
Bambi Baaba's trip to India in 1969 was misunderstood and
misinterpreted by some followers.

It is quite apparent from Bambi Baaba's writings that he has been
highly influenced by Radhasoami/Sant Mat teachings.  Baaba stresses
a strict vegetarian diet, a pure moral life, abstinence from alcohol
and drugs, and even enjoins daily meditation on the inner Sound
Current, which he identifies in his native language as Bbano.

The fundamental problem with Bambi Baaba (and other masters like
him) is that he was  not  legitimately appointed.  Rather, he is
a self-styled prophet who has instigated a path which is nothing
more than a watered down version of Sant Mat.  The world is replete
with would-be enlightened beings, who are ready to sell their wares
to unsuspecting customers. If such gurus cannot be up front about
their past (which is open to inspection by almost anyone), why then
should seekers trust them on the inner planes? Simply put, if you
can't trust somebody here, why trust him there?

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