Author: David Christopher Lane
Publisher: Alt.religion.eckankar
Publication date: 1996

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Paul Twitchell, the "Artist," meets John-Roger Hinkins, the "Artist," meets Eckankar Legal Team, known as "THE ART PROTECTORS".

The scene is 1970 and John-Roger Hinkins, one-time Eckist, is being legally threatened by Paul Twitchell for "improperly" using Eckankar writings.

J.R.: "But, hey Paulji, why sue me? I am a spiritual artist. I don't see anything wrong in using your inner plane charts or parts of your book from the Tiger's Fang. You see, I am a creative kinda of guy and I am developing a new synthesis.

P.T.: "I have copyrighted my writings, I have legally trademarked my symbols. You will have to stop purloining my materials or else I will have to resort to legal action."

J.R.: "But what does that have to do with spirituality. If you yourself have taken materials from Radha Soami Satsang Beas without due reference, then why can't I "creatively" include your materials in my own teachings? I mean, I won't lift whole paragraphs like you did, I will simply use a few phrases here and there."

P.T.: My legal team will soon be contacting you. I HAVE SPOKEN! ---------------------------------------------------------------------

New scene: February 1996

Eckankar does not like to see its trademark terms used by civilians,
even creative "artistic" type academics who are trying to combine
"no smoking symbols" with the Punjabi number for "one"... But on
some mysterious home page a creative former "Eckist" utilizes such
and resurrects the "art" from the dustbin of the forgotten, only to
have the "ART PROTECTORS" (started by the original "creative"
artist, Paul Twitchell) threaten potential legal action.


If Paul Twitchell was really all that "artistic" then I think he
would not mind at all if we all went out and used "EK" symbols for
our own creative synthesis. Better yet, we should take all of the
Eckankar books and use them for our own writings.....

But remember, don't acknowledge where you got the stuff from.

Instead, claim that you got it from some new source, or better yet
you yourself created it!


Here's the motto for today:

Rip off Indian Religions = Creative Synthesis

Rip off Eckankar = Lawsuit

Repeat after me


Hey, if Eckankar is willing to sue somone over a symbol--Ek--which
they took from the Punjabi language (Ek=one) that has a no-smoking
symbol over it, then I guess they don't really understand the
"artists" mind.

Boy, what would Eckankar do if somebody did a Twitchell on them?

Seems to me that Twitchell was more "lawyer-like" than
"artist-like"--at least he knew what a copyright law was when it
came to his own organization......

So much for creativity.......


Is Eckankar ready for the rip off?


In honor of my "artistic" side.......

that academic Lane

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